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Bow before

the god of all plankton

Chris Sweeney
9 December 1989
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Never taunt Hitler. Items will fall on you from out of nowhere.
311, aaron ackerson, acoustic guitar, adult swim, andrew kepple, animals, animutation, art, artwork, baking, banana phone, barenaked ladies, bass, ben folds, boom headshot!, calvin and hobbes, chilling, chip's challenge, chocolate milk, christopher walken, colin mochrie, computers, conan o'brien, counter-strike: source, counter-terrorists, crafts, daft punk, dance dance revolution, day of defeat source, degrassi, diablo 2, digital cameras, doodling, douglas adams, dragons, drawing, drew carey, duct tape, dudley do-right, easy cheese, elvis porn, eviltrailmix, fark, felines, film, flash, fps doug, friends, futurama, games, geek rock, gordon freeman, gorillaz, half-life, half-life 2, hammocks, harmonica, harry potter, homestar runner, hulk hogan, hyakugojyuuichi, idiosyncrasy, indiana jones, introversion, ipods, jack johnson, jet, jim henson, keyboard, kittens, kitties, legos, lemon demon, less than jake, loafing, logan whitehurst, magic, making friends, monk, monty pythons flying circus, movies, mr bean, mr bungle, muffins, music, neil gaiman, nintendo, not school, oingo boingo, paganism, pee wee herman, penn and teller, photography, photoshop, pirates, pixar, potter puppet pals, pumpkins, puppetry, puppets, pure pwnage, pwning n00bs, rainy days, reading, reel big fish, seinfeld, siamese, ska, sketching, snow, snowboarding, something awful, songwriting, space ghost, sporks, strong bad, super furry animals, surrealism, taco bell, tea, teh funny, teh_pwnerer, the cheat, the clown quartet, the daily show, the darkness, the hives, the pixies, the simpsons, they might be giants, tim burton, trapezoid, tv, unreal tournament 2004, video games, walking, webcomics, weekends, weezer, weird al, whimsy, wings n things, writing, x-files, xfire, yatta, yawning, zombies, Über micro